Iungo's mission is to


Iungo LLC was founded in 2017

Based in Hannibal, MO




We believe that games are at their best

when they challenge minds

to question and innovate.

When they bring people together

and foster friendships.


Our vision

To develop a print on demand game company.

Wherein we may offer an ever expanding catalogue of interesting games - unfettered by traditional bulk manufacturing requirements.

Where also we may offer modular games sets - allowing our customers to customize their games to fit their desires.


How We Plan To Do This

We are using additive manufacturing in the form of 3D Printers to produce our models and board games.

Traditionally this has been a prohibitively expensive route, but in recent years the pricing and quality of 3D Printers has been improving dramatically.

As technology improves these machines are becoming cheaper, faster, and able to create with greater detail, all while requiring less maintanance.



We have 1 completed product/game.

We have 3 developing products/games.

Our current number of 3D printers